What kind of magic user are you?

So you have decided to train yourself in the ancient techniques of magic. Very interesting. Be careful, for the path of magic is a twisted and dangerous one, regardless of the choices you make. To ensure that we train you on the right path, you will take a quiz.

This is an ancient quiz that many magic users have relied on to understand their area of magic. We cannot tell you much about yourself, and cannot force you to go on any straight path, but we can guide you, if you accept. You could be any one of 5 magic classes, but what you do with your powers, is your choice alone.

Created by: JonahTheWizard
  1. You set out on a journey, leaving your home behind you. What kind of home did you leave?
  2. The road now spreads, and you must choose a path.
  3. You find a beggar lying on the street. He explains to you that he lost everything in a recent fire, but you can tell he is lying. What do you do?
  4. Good and Evil?
  5. Good or Evil?
  6. Now for some technical questions. Someone you trust has betrayed you, and the both of you have been forced into a one on one duel. What do you do?
  7. A king thinks you unfit to lead him on an adventure. To prove your worth, you must complete an impossible task. Which shall you accomplish?
  8. You must leave your home immediately and you know you will not return. You have the essentials, but three priceless objects remain. An ancient spell book, a cure to a plague, and the sword that would strike down your enemy.Assuming that you will have time to pack all of these items, what order will you take them?
  9. You have everything you need to adventure, accept a hero. You have many options, but you can only choose one.
  10. You are confronted by a magic user just as skilled as yourself. He is an enemy, and challenges you to a duel. What is your first move?
  11. Which is most powerful? Pt. 1
  12. Which is most powerful? Pt. 2
  13. What drives you forward?
  14. Another tricky question. Your only mentor and father figure has undergone grief, and yells at you to kill him. What do you do?
  15. And finally, why did you set out to gain your powers?

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Quiz topic: What kind of magic user am I?