Twisted Part 2

I hope you enjoy this quiz!!! I don't know why this has to be so freakin long. I don't have that much to say. So I don't really care if you read this or not just read the quiz.

I repeat what the first paragraph said.I don't know why this has to be so freakin long. I don't have that much to say. So I don't really care if you read this or not just read the quiz.

Created by: RayRay

  1. Josh leans forward and starts staring intently. You thought he was going to kiss you and you start blushing. "Wh-what are you looking at Josh," you ask. "I'm looking at how pretty your lips are and how much I wanted to kiss them if you'd let me," he replied. Smooth you thought. "Oh well your welcome to kiss me anytime you feel like," you said with a smile and you both leaned forward... Suddenly you saw a bright light beaming your way and you saw Maria and a couple of your friends standing there giggling. "MARIA I AM GOING TO KILL YOU! YOU RUINED MY MOMENT!" and you start chasing after her immediately. Josh was laughing to himself and then you had a slight feeling he was in on this. "Josh," you said. "Yes." "Did you know she was going to come out?" "Yeh a little." Then you tackled him and found your self pinning Josh to the ground. You leaned in and kissed him and surprisingly he kissed you back.
  2. The next morning things were kind of awkward around your cabin mates and Josh. Since they saw you kiss him they think you have coupled up with him. You tried to explain that wasn't what it was but knowing Maria she wasn't going to drop it. Dalia was sitting alone at lunch and I was going to go over and sit next to her but she hated me so I just stayed where I was. As soon as lunch was over Dalia came and tapped me on the back. I turned around and she slapped me in the face and called me a b***h. "WTF! IT WASN'T MY FAULT DALIA SO YOU CAN CALL ME WHATEVER YOU CAN THINK OF BUT I WILL ALWAYS KNOW THAT YOUR DAD WAS A BAD MAN AND IF HE NEVER TOOK CARS OR SHOT PEOPLE TO GET THEIR CARS HE WOULD NEVER BE IN JAIL. OH AND BY THE WAY I DIDN'T RAT OUT YOUR DAD. WHEN I WAS RUNNING AWAY THEY FOLLOWED THE WAY I CAME AND TRACKED YOUR DAD DOWN BECAUSE I TOLD THEM I WAS STAYING IN A BOAT!! SO SHUT THE HE** UP ABOUT ME RATTING OUT YOUR DAD BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE FLIPPING STORY!"
  3. I hit her back and then she punched me and then we started a full out fist fight. All our cabin mates were chanting FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. I knew I was going to win because I took Karate for 7 years straight. But surprisingly Dalia had some hidden strengths but I was winning when the camp leaders came out to break us up. They took us to the camp office and asked us what happened out there and we both stayed quiet. After a while they just said that we can't do the activities for two days and said we won't be staying in the same cabin anymore. Hallelujah to that.
  4. Dalia and I walked up to each other while the other were doing fun activities and at the same time we both said, "I'm so sorry." Dalia said, "I can't belive I skipped to conclusions and blamed you for everything that happened and I am sorry fr slapping you and stuff. I really hope we can be friends??" "Sure why not. Oh, and I'm sorry too. I didn't mean to you know punch you and bring up your dad," I said. We both hugged and then returned to our cabins. A councilor met me in my cabin and told me, " I am sorry to say this but because you had a FIST fight means you have to leave Camp Twisted. I am very sor...." "WHAT LEAVE CAMP! WHY! IT WASN'T MY FAULT1 WE MADE UP1 WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!!" I replied with anger building up inside of me. Then suddenly a burst of fire came hurtling out of my hand towards the councilor. He turned around and blew me away. A couple of my friends came in and started fighting with fire shooting out of them and wind and earthquakes. I was dumbstruck. This was all so.... TWISTED!
  5. You wake up in a huge bedroom and looking over you was a gorgeous boy. "Hey sleepy head. I'm Rocky and I am here to explain to you EVERYTHING. So feel free to ask away," he said with his pleading green eyes and his midnight black flippy hair. " Well first, " you start, "Where the heck am I. Second what the heck happened. And third how do you know who I am." "Well you are in the mansion. You were in a fight and if you were wondering you have powers and so does pretty much everyone you know. I know you because you are the most powerful magical being in the magical world. This may sound stupid but I am here to protect you from evil magical forces," he said with a smile. "Are my friends ok?2 you ask hopefully. "Well... I was hoping you didn't ask that question. I am really sorry to say this but pretty much everyone died except from Dalia and Maria. They were trying to save you so..." "Then were you my so called pro-tect-tor." I was saving you too. I was the one who created the big explosion lethal to evil forces and that's what knocked you out." "So that means... Josh... is... dead?2 you ask about to burst into tears. "Oh did I miss Josh. Sorry. He's just badly injured. He'll be ok though. We have the best doctors in this mansion." "Oh phew." "Why is Josh your um... boyfriend.2 "No. No. He's just a very close friend of mine. Why do you ask?" you said with a smirk. "Uhh no reason," Rocky said blushing, "Umm.. why don't we go meet the others." "Uh ok then."
  6. You both go downstairs and see a couple of people their including Maria and Dalia. Rocky said Josh was in the medic room. You introduce yourself and you see a girl with strawberry blonde hair down her back and green eyes with a hint of brown. Her name was Jessica and her power was controlling air. Jessica was an air fairy. Then there was Jimmy. He looks like Liam from one direction. (SO GORGEOUS). He was a vampire and he could control earth and fire. The last person was. your MOM??!! Your mom controlled the 4 element and she was part elf, fairy, dark angel, and vampire. That means you are too but you also have telekenisis and all that cool stuff.
  7. Jim (Jimmy for short) took you outside to start training. "Hi _____. I am going to sart with your vampire powers since I'm a vampire it's easier for me. Oh and if Rocky hasn't told you yet he's a werewolf and so is your mom which means you are too. So your mom will be teaching you that stuff. Oh and also Dalia has the same strengths as you except from vampire and she isn't too happy about that so I would watch out for that. Ok let's get started." You shake your head quickly to take what he said in and then you said ok. He starts to teach you how to grow your fangs on command and how to resist drinking someone's blood. It wasn't fun but it wasn't boring either.
  8. By the time you finish training it was already dark. So you both go inside to get some dinnet. There was everything you like on the table so since you were starving you just took a huge plate to your room and started doing something interesting. Before you know it you're asleep and you start dreaming. You see a man with no pupils just staring at you. His mouth was wide open and bugs were pouring out of it. You tried to run but when you tried you just got closer and closer and closer....
  9. You right in front of this man now and he starts to smile. You scream but nobody heard you. He grabbed your neck with his rough scaley hands and starts to strangle you. You can't breathe and you feel like your dying in real life. He starts saying. Welcome to the real world Mirales.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Sorry about that but I only had to ave twelve questions. Sorry for the long paragraphs I was getting into it. lol.

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