Love Story (part 3)

okay this one is kinda long but enjoy =D when we left last quiz you had just gotten a weeks worth of detention for slapping and screaming at Jeff when he called you a slut. You and Bionca had made up and are freinds again. You and bradley grow ever closer and he was waiting for you after you got out of the principals office.

well in this one scott is surprisingly not there but you will see y next time you read. =D i hope you enjoy this it really rocks. I'll have the next one up soon i hope :)

Created by: heather sutton

  1. Bionca giggles and elbows you as you approch the dark figure leaning against the wall. "hey" he says. "go on...I'll talk to you later.I'll be grounded so don't expect me to call but I'll talk to you. And then you can tell me all about...this" she nods her head toward Bradley and then towards you. you just blush. She goes running skipping out the door. How she does that in stilletos your not sure.
  2. you smile at Bradley and he opens the door up for you. "How did it go?"he asks. "well i have detention all week thanks to your stupid freind" you reply. Imediatly feeling guilty for snapping at him. "yeah he was kinda a douche today. I asked him not to say mean things about you. But he thinks that your playing me and him. Is it true, _________. Are you playing me and him?
  3. whatever thoughts you were thinking you decided to just say,"No I'm not playing anybody. I don't even know how to play people." he chuckles "I'm sure you could if you wanted too." You two walk for a moment in silence. "you know ______, I really like you." you blush and respond with, "umm...i like you too"
  4. he smiles. your now leaving the school and he asks very shyly, "may i walk you home?" "of course you reply"
  5. So this is how the rest of your week went. Nothing exciting happened. Jeff is still being a meanie head but at least he doesn't talk to you. You eat lunch with Bradley. Then you sit with Cody in math. Cody walks you to your last class. And then Bradley walks you home after detention. He reminds you of a puppy because of the way he loyally looks after you.
  6. then friday came. there is a note woth your name on it sitting on the desk you sit at for detention. it says. My dear _______, I'm sorry I said such awful things about you. I was a jealous wreck. Forgive me? I love you. Love always, Jeff
  7. After detention you run out to Bradley's car and give him a kiss on the cheek, "wow what was that for" he asks "for being a wonderful person" you smile. You 2 drive down the road to the local place to hang out and eat.
  8. you two walk in and Bradley says hey i'll go order a pizza you can grab us a table. You look around and all the tables are packed.
  9. Bionca spots you looking for a table so she comes bounding over to you as graceful as ever. "OMG A DATE?!?!" she says so gleefully you think she will explode. "well kinda...gonna grab a pizza and head to his place to play some video games and stuff" you say. Instantly regretting giving a way so much information. "oh really?! thats great. have fun" she winks and smacks you butt. "oh by the way wanna come over tomarow? you can stay the night" she grins and pleads with her eyes.
  10. just as you turn away from Bionca, Bradley is standing there with a pizza asking, "hey wanna eat this at home. Its kinda packed tonite." "yeah sure, sounds good" you smile.
  11. you leave with bradley and pull up to his house. you go inside and it is beutiful, painted in bright crisp colors with all kinds of artifacts just randomly placed around. It was lovely. "you like it" he asks self consciously "its a lovely house. i wish mine looked this good" you reply. " good...then as he leans in to kiss you the door bursts open
  12. it was the police. they announce, You kid. Bradley Stimen, child of monica and christopher stimen?" "yes?" he answers looking shocked."You and the girl need to get out of here. Get into the squad car and HURRY"
  13. "what is going on?" he asks as we huddle together in the back of the squad car. "you are in peril danger. Why? because a war has just been declared.And your parents are, in on to many government secrets. so we are relocating you and people known to be close to you out. and fast"
  14. oh no!! well i guess your just gonna have to wait to see what happens!! follow my on twitter if you want updates when i put up the next one. :) doomsday_queen is my twitter name. Look me up! gonna put up a link somewhere...

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