College Life Part 2

Okay guys. Sorry I haven't made a quiz in forever. It has been so long. 5thMaruader, I brought rocky back just for you. I hope you are glad. haha. Thank you guys for taking mah quizzz

WHy does there have to be two paragraphs???? This one doesn't even have to have anything in it so it is technically pointless. I hate these things. IT makes me think too hard.

Created by: RayRay

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  1. Suddenly, a boy rushes into your room and starts to fight the guy. He grabbed him and threw him out of the window to his death. The boy started coming towards you and you study his face. You don't really recognize him until.. "Rocky?" "Yes ________" "" "I don't know . All I know is that I am special and I know that all of the things that you dreamt of are things that I dreamt of too."
  2. You come out of the closet and you move towards him. You reach out and he holds your hand. He pulls you close and slowly leans forward. He kisses you and you kiss him back. You open your eyes and see Richard standing in the door with tears in his eyes and flowers in his hands. You stop kissing Rocky and run to him. "Richard?!! I..." He ran away throwing the flowers on the floor. "Who was that?" Rocky asked. "He was my crush and my date to the dance." "Oh." "I'm sorry. I just can't stand here and watch him run off." "I understand. I probably came on too strong anyways." "Thanks for understanding!" You chase after Richard. "Stop! Please" He turns around and stares you right in the eyes. You have to look away because he's making you feel guilty and sad. "Richard. I.." "I know. I know the routine. First you say that you don't know what you're doing. Then you kiss me, we make up, and then you kiss him behind my back again." "What? No. That's not what I was going to say. I'm sorry. I just got a little overwhelmed. He's a friend of mine and we used to be really close. We haven't seen each other in years. We got a little carried away and I'm sorry!!" "... I don't think I'm ready to forgive you." "It's okay. Take as much time as you need." He walked away slowly.
  3. You go back to your dorm and see Collie talking to Rocky. She seemed pretty lovestruck and you seemed quite jealous. Rocky looked at you and immediately saw your reaction and stopped talking to Collie straight away. Collie turned around and you still don't smile but you don't look jealous either. She asked "I met your friend Rocky." "I see that" you say. "Are you feeling okay?" Then you burst into tears and ran into the bathroom. Collie stumbles after you disregarding Rocky and leaving him to stand by himself...awkwardly...
  4. You let Collie in and you tell her what happened. "Oh my gosh. ____ I'm so sorry. Do you like... ya know... Rocky" "I don't know. I used to know him and before, we had a connection or two but now... I just don't know. Everyone who was special to me before are dead now apart from him and I just don't know what to do." Rocky tapped on the door and said, " ______, I am really sorry if I caused any trouble. I think I should go before I ruin anything else. I hope we can still be friends."
  5. You run out just in time and grab his arm. "Wait. Please don't go. You're the only person I have that reminds me of all I used to have and I need something to hold on to." He gives me his cute smirk and says "Okay. I'll stay." You seem a lot happier after that. "I think I am going to see how Richard is doing" "Okay. I'll stay here." Collie walks up to me and says "If you need anything just give me a call. I am always here for you and I love you so much. (as a friend)" "I love you too Collie." The two of you hug and Rocky just taps you both on the back...awkwardly Again...
  6. You walk down the hall and make a couple of turns to find Richard's dorm door wide open. You walk in and search the place and everything seems to be in tact.. which is unlikely for Richard. You go into his bathroom and you look down and you see.......
  7. You see a pool of blood surrounding... RICHARD?!?!?!?!?! You scream with horror and you back away slowly. You bump into someone and he covers your mouth. You have your arms free but they weren't much help. The guy was about your age, buff, brown- purply eyes, and shaggy brown hair. Kind of cute actually but you think that he killed Richard. You kick him in the place no boys want to b kicked. He squeals with pain and slowly falls down to the floor with his head on the carpet. "Who are you?!?!" you shout. "I'm hear to help. I'm Shane. You are...?" "I'm not gonna tell you who I am." You pull out your phone and dial Rocky's number. You tell him what happens and he said that he was on his way. "Now. Look here sugarplum, if I was a bad guy would I let you call your trusty service man?" "How do you know it was a guy?" "A little power I have. I can tell what someone is thinking. So yes I heard you thnk about how cute I am." You blush and immediately make a straight face when you see Rocky and Collie at the door. Shane turned around and glanced at Rocky. "Rocky?" "Shane?" They say to each other. Shane looks at you and says "Well, I see you've met my brother. Great. We should all get on well then." "Hold up. You two are brothers?!" you say. "Uhh yess. _______. He isn't my real brother." "Offensive." Shane said. "Why do you say that, Rocky?" you say. "Let me explain" said Shane. Rocky nodded. "Well ________. Rocky and I were really good friends and we soon found out that we were going to be brothers when my mom decided to marry his dad. We were soo excited and we couldn't wait for the wedding. But in between that our parents started fighting. Rocky's dad started to drink and he used to beat Rocky until he cried. Rocky blamed me by saying my mom pushed his dad over the edge. He started to tease me at school and send his posse over to beat me up after school. I used to go home feeling guilty and bawling to my mom. Soon after Rocky's dad committed suicide and Rocky ran away to which we never saw him again. I was living with my mom for a while until she died of cancer and I had to live off of her will which wasn't very much because we didn't have a lot of money back then. I had to live with my aunt who was horrible to me and hated me because she thought I was the reason everything was going bad. So I ran away. I ran for months and months until I came here a few days ago. They said they would enroll me into the school because of ya know. So I came here and made friends with Richard. I told him everything and he promised not to tell anyone I stayed here. I didn't want to be noticed. It was hard."
  8. "Shane... I." you say. "It's fine. I'm still going to find out who did this though. So you see, sugarplum, I'm not the bad guy." "Is this all true Rocky?" He nodded and said, "I regretted every moment of it. I was still so angry I didn't know how to deal with it. Shane, I'm really sorry. I didn't think you were struggling because you had your mom. I didn't know she had cancer." "Look man, it's done. Over with. I forgive you. Now let's go find out who did this. Shall we?" We all followed him through the door after Rocky cleared up the body. You were still pretty upset about the whole thing.
  9. You leave the school grounds and start to walk into the forest. Shane seemed to have everything we needed in the bag. The sky had gotten dark and the woods were cold. You stayed next to Shane because he seemed to know where he was going. "Are ya scared, sugarplum?" he said. "Huh? Oh. Not really. Just upset." "I understand. I think we should settle down for the night because you guys look tired." Everybody agreed without question. Shane set up the camp while Rocky made the fire. We roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. Suddenly, we heard crunching in the woods. We all turned around and saw a huge guy in black with a sword in his hand. Shane pulled out his knife along with Rocky. They started to fight while you and Collie screamed. "Get into the tent!" Shane said. We scrambled into the tent but someone grabbed my leg from behind. You screamed but everyone turned around to late. The guy picked you up and started to run and he took you to a dark place. You can't see anything and you hear chains coming towards you. You hear a growl and more chains. Then it stopped and grabbed you by the leg. It pulled you and pulled you until...
  10. CLIFFY!!!!! Sorry guys. I had to put it there.
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