Your Education and Life

Many people wonder what their future has in store for them. This is the quiz that helps you unlock the mystery of your life. Will you go to college? Will you have a good job? will you be married? Have kids? Get divorced? It's all here.

Will YOU have a happily ever after type of ending? Or will you have a bad life ahead of you unless you change? This will tell you if you need to change with scenario-type questions!

Created by: xXHappyRainbowXx
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  1. Your best friend is of the opposite gender. people always say you'll end up married...What do you think of that?
  2. Your parents suddenly bring up college one day...your reaction?
  3. Your friend confesses one day that (s)he likes you. Like, LIKE likes you. What do you do?
  4. Whatever you said, your best friend aks you to prom the next month. What do you say?
  5. It's time to send your college applications in. What do you think happens?
  6. wHatever you told your best friend, she thinks you're dating, and 'meets' you at prom, or shows up at your house. Reaction?
  7. While at the prom, you see the prom queen...alone. What do you do?
  8. While at the dance, whoever you are 'with' really likes you. do you like them too? Enough to marry them?
  9. you really liked the person you were dancing with. After dating for 3 months, high school is suddenly over. Your boy/girl friend starts talking about marriage. Reaction?
  10. Unless you said no, your BF/GF brings up children...they want to know if you want to have them.

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