Don't Click This If You're Gonna Argue With Me

Created by: ICEE CHILL

  1. I'm sorry, but some of you can really be stupid.
  2. I hate it when some of say someone supposedly "spammed" even if it's a story quiz or a quiz with an actual purpose. Now let me ask you something: How can a quiz that has purpose be spam? That makes no sense. Sure you see people make pointless quizzes that spam the new quizzes list, but have you ever heard of the search engine on the top 40 quizzes list? Seriously, if you want to take a certain quiz, please just go and search it up, it only takes two seconds. If you don't like a quiz, then don't take it. And yelling and cussing at the person will not help you, it will only make things worse. Please don't waste your time with people you can't reason with.
  3. All they want to do is level up so they can do the same things you can do: post links, pictures, post faster, and have a profile picture. Is that so bad? Most of you were probably like that when you first joined (some more than others).
  4. Also, why would you even care if someone makes pointless quizzes but keeps them off the new quizzes list? They're not bothering anyone, and like I said before: If you don't like the quiz, don't take it! I don't understand what's so hard about this for people! It's simple! How can I make this more clear?
  5. Well, thanks for reading my rant. I tried not to make it too long.

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