What super power should you have?

So im just really gonna spend my time wasting the words and filling this box thingy up so um yeaa. i hope that you like tihs quiz it is really cool enjoy! dont forget to click my name "HannnaBanana" and do my other quizzes and rate and comment!!!

im just filling this box thingy up si yeaa i hope u like this quiz its cool. you should take it. umm...so yeaa take it and enjoy you're results yay bye! dont forget to click my name "HannnaBanana" and do my other quizzes and rate and comment!!!

Created by: HannaBanana

  1. If you had a animal sidekick, which would you have?
  2. Which element do you like?
  3. What is you're favorite color out of this selection?
  4. Pick a number.
  5. Which sport are you good at doing?
  6. Out of 100% how smart do you think you are?
  7. Say something random.
  8. Pick a person that you like :)
  9. You are watching the late night news. you hear about some crazy maniac in town and begin imagining some random story. What is it mostly about?
  10. I'n gym class you're afraid of falling off the rope, so you never climbed I't before.But today In gym class, you HAVE to climb the rope. What do you do at this time?
  11. What are you afraid of?
  12. If you were in a burning building, would you save 5 strangers or 1 relative?
  13. Your on your way to class when some jerk trips you and you fall on your face, you look up and a bunch of kids are laughing at you, including your crush! you...
  14. You're at a concert and you've been waiting on line for the bathroom F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Suddenly, some rude jerk cuts in front of you right as your turn is up. You:
  15. Do you often want to be someone/something else?
  16. A guy pulls out a gun and points it at your friend. You...
  17. I'f you were going to be stranded on an island, what's the one thing you would bring with you and why?
  18. When you're not out saving the world, you are the type of person that spends time...?

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Quiz topic: What super power should I have?