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Splatoon is an MLG game designed in a way that allows us to humiliate all of the existing scrubs. Many MLG's appreciate this game. We finally have a chance to rek all the kid squid scrubs.

But are you also a kid squid scrub? Let this quiz decide that. This quiz was designed by an MLG, so if you fail, that's your fault you scrub. I can't wait to watch you get rekt.

Created by: ICEE CHILL
  1. (Before you begin, please keep in my mind that these questions are based off of the North American Splatoon.) First Question: What date was Splatoon first released?
  2. The original level cap for the games was level _____.
  3. As of November 18th 2015, there are currently _____ types of weapons.
  4. When did the major version 2.0.0 update occur?
  5. The weapon type known for its long range is the ______.
  6. Inklings can buy new weapons and clothes at the ____.
  7. Splatfests usually occur every ____.
  8. The weapon type that can be used to hit opponents hiding behind a corner without the use of sub or special weapons is the _____.
  9. Which two new weapon types came with the version 2.0.0 update?
  10. The version 2.0.0 update gave which stage a redesign?
  11. What is the Battle Dojo?
  12. As of November 18th 2015, the lastest version of Splatoon is version _____.
  13. The ______ is a sub weapon that can be used to protect yourself from an opponent's attack.
  14. Which shooter has the furthest range?
  15. How many abilities can your inkling's clothes have at once?
  16. How many teams participate in each splatfest?
  17. As of November 18th 2015, the newest weapon released is the ____.
  18. How do you obtain Super Sea Snails?
  19. How much XP is required to get from level 49 to level 50?
  20. What's unlocked once you reach level 50?
  21. What is unlocked at level 40?
  22. The _____ splats opponents in 2 hits.
  23. As of November 18th 2015, the only weapon with its own unique special weapon is the _____.
  24. (If you get this question wrong, you're a scrub.) What kind of game is Splatoon?
  25. As of November 18th 2015, how many different ranked battle modes are there?
  26. The _____ is a sub weapon that is used to make the opponent move slower and easier to splat.
  27. Which special weapon temporarily makes you invincible?
  28. What level must you be at to purchase items from the shops?

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