What Splatoon character are you

This Quiz Is going to tell you what splatoon character you are. if you are excited please take this quiz. I hope you enjoy this this quiz is full of exciting questions.

If you don't like splatoon then I don't think you should take this quiz. But you may whenever you want. I am more happy about quizzes when I make them. I am so happy to have you take my quiz

Created by: Miranda Slightom
  1. Which do you prefer
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. What Do You Prefer?
  4. What Mode Do You Enjoy The Most
  5. What Song?
  6. What Weapon Do You Prefer?
  7. Who do you prefer?
  8. What Do You Think Of Yourself
  9. What Are You
  10. And Lastly Who Do You Think You Are

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Quiz topic: What Splatoon character am I