Which Splatoon (1 or 2) character are you most like?

Hello every-squid! Welcome to the quiz where you find your Splatoon Bestie! Who do you share many things in common with? Which one of these characters do you think you have a special connection to? (personality wise) Let's find out!

Here's how it works: just answer these questions honestly to find out who your Splatoon match is! Mostly A's means you're like Callie, mostly B's means you're like Marie, mostly C's means you are like Pearl, mostly D's mean's you're like Marina. Mostly E's means you are like Cap'n Cuttlefish, did you answer with mostly F's that means you are DJ Octavio. Mostly G's is Inkling Girl and mostly H's is Inkling Boy! (I would've done Octoling Girl and Boy but I could only do 8 answers per question.)

Created by: sparklysquid of Come check out my Discord Server!
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  1. Favourite Colour?
  2. Favorited snack/sweet treat?
  3. Favourite Video Game Hero?
  4. [Roleplay] Someone splats you in Tower Control right when you're about to win. What do you do?
  5. Best weapon?
  6. [Roleplay] Agent 3/4 gets stuck in kettle in Octo Valley/Canyon what do you do?
  7. Favourite Video Game Villain?
  8. Do you like sports? (Answering this will not affect your score)
  9. Favourite Disney Movie?
  10. What is your opinion on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

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Quiz topic: Which Splatoon (1 or 2) character am I most like?