You Become An Inkling!

In the video game Splatoon, you take the role of an inkling, a squid that uses RNA editing to change into a kid (however even with RNA editing they can’t give themselves hair, so tentacles replace their kid form hair) when needed, then back into a squid.

In this quiz, you’ll find out if you are an inkling, a kid with tentacles, or a human. Press the back button in your browser if you don’t have splatoon. research the game, play some turf battles (where two teams of inklings try to ink all the ground) and come back to this quiz.

Created by: SquidKid
  1. You spy a sign by your mall. It says ‘Free Ink Drinks’. What do you do?
  2. If you chose to drink all of it, your hair thickens, turns a brilliant orange, and you have the overwhelming knowledge that you now are able to become a squid-you’re an inkling now!
  3. If you chose to drink part of it, your hair thickens and turns a brilliant orange. You now are part inkling!
  4. If you chose to walk past the stand, nothing happens.
  5. What do you look like as an inkling?
  6. What did you look like as a human?
  7. Do you play Splatoon?
  8. What’s your Turf Battle weapon?
  9. What’s your turf battle sub weapon?
  10. What’s your turf battle special weapon?

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