Guess the Splatoon character by Their Lines!

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I was taking quizzes when I decided to do yet ANOTHER Splatoon quiz! Yep, you know what that means! Drum-roll please..... *Drum rolling* Wait for iiiiiit....

Yep! It's the Guess the Splatoon Character by Their Lines quiz! 😀 The Rules are as follows: For each question, you will read a line from Splatoon/Splatoon 2 (NA/EU version) and you'll have to pick the character that says it. Good Luck!

Created by: sparklysquid of Wanna have a go at Animal Jam? Link:
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  1. "I'll... make... SQUID SOUP OUTTA YOU!"
  2. “We've received word from...on high.”
  3. “I cook Salmonids all day, but Mr. Grizz keeps crying about eggs or whatever.”
  4. “Ooh! I'm gonna go look right away!”
  6. "Agent 3! Can you hear our song?"
  7. "SHINING VICTORY BEEEEEEEEAM! It's super important to do the long "E" at the end."
  8. "WE GOT YOU!"
  9. "*munch* Uh... No! DJ Octavio totally climbed out of his *crunch* snow globe and ate them when you weren't looking. *gulp*"
  10. “Eh... Pretty sure we peaked on that one, so probably never.”
  11. "If you have trouble in the field, remember my Rules of Battle!"

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