Which Splatfest teams are you on?

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So, this is just a quiz combing all the splatfests from around the world, not just ones for certain areas of the world. I just made this in case maybe you wanted to compare your splatfest teams to mine.

Even if you don't play Splatoon, it would still be fun to compare Splatfest teams. But of course if you have too many preferences that are the opposite of mine, I'll have to destroy you.

Created by: ICEE CHILL

  1. Dogs or Cats?
  2. Roller Coasters or Water Slides?
  3. Marshmallows or Hot Dogs?
  4. Autobots or Decepticons?
  5. Art or Science?
  6. Cars or Planes?
  7. Pirates or Ninjas?
  8. Burgers or Pizza?
  9. Rock or Pop?
  10. Eating or Sleeping?
  11. North Pole or South Pole?
  12. Singing or Dancing?
  13. Messy Room or Tidy Room?
  14. Zombies or Ghosts?
  15. Rice or Bread?
  16. Red Fox or Green Tanuki?
  17. Lemon Tea or Milk Tea?
  18. Grasshoppers or Ants?
  19. Boke or Tsukkomi?
  20. Squid Sushi or Octopus Sushi?
  21. Love or Money?
  22. Mountain Food or Seafood?

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Quiz topic: Which Splatfest teams am I on?