Which starter pokemon is for you?

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This is the most important decision of your lives. Which starter pokemon? Why is this question so difficult to answer sometimes? It all depends on your training style.

But what if you absolutely don't know which starter you should get? Take this quiz and find out. Who knows? The results may not be what you expected.

Created by: ICEE CHILL

  1. Do you prefer raising attack or special attack?
  2. Do you like a pokemon with a lot of HP?
  3. Is speed an important stat to you?
  4. Is special defense an important stat to you?
  5. Do you like pokemon that don't have the best defense but make up for it with their attack?
  6. Which two do you prefer?
  7. Does leveling up pokemon fast matter to you?
  8. Does it matter to you if several different types are effective against your pokemon?
  9. Overall, do you prefer a pokemon with somewhat even stats?
  10. Which of these is your favorite type?

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