Are you dumb? (In a medical way.)

This quiz wasn't made to offend anyone. It's to see if you could possibly have stupidity syndrome. (Don't worry, you probably don't if you can read this no problem. :P)

Created by: ICEE CHILL

  1. Do you use a lot of death threats almost every time someone pisses you off?
  2. Do you almost always have your mouth slightly open?
  3. Are there people telling you that you constantly have a blank look on your face?
  4. Do you tend to dislike people who are different than you? (Not in a racial or sexist way, more like them having different hobbies/interests than you.)
  5. Are you unsure about when it's appropriate to joke around? (Example: Joking and laughing at a funeral, telling sex jokes to your boss or teacher.)
  6. Do/did you struggle in school?
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Quiz topic: Am I dumb? (In a medical way.)