How old are you? Really?

We all know how old we are, even the dumb ones among us. People will always see us as that age, unless we have some medical problem and look older or younger than we should.

But how old are you, really? How old are your actions? How old are your thoughts? You favorite things? You everything, except for your looks? Take the test and find out!

Created by: heyheyhey
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your friend has just invited you to a BIG party in town. Do you say:
  2. What pet would you most want to have?
  3. What is your favourite colour?
  4. Where do you keep your spoon?
  5. What letter does your name start with?
  6. Are you poor or rich?
  7. What month were you born?
  8. How many eyes do you have?
  9. Is this quiz hard?
  10. Do you have any grandparents?

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Quiz topic: How old am I? Really?