are You a baby?

Most kids want To grow up as Fast as possible, and try To imitate grown ups. The oposite however also exists. Soms People feel they are Too Old for what they want To Be, and want To Be younger. Are You One of these People, or are You The Age You should Be?

How old are You? And i don't mean physicly. Mentaly. How Old should You Be? I know for myself that i should Be way younger. About two decades younger actualy. Yes, i want To Be a baby. But How about You?

Created by: AmonBisby

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You Wear nappys?
  2. Which type of nappys do You use?
  3. How often do You use nappys?
  4. Why do You use nappys?
  5. Do You use Your nappys?
  6. Are You potty trained?
  7. Do You suck on a pacifier?
  8. Where do You sleep?
  9. What do You drink from?
  10. If You drink from a baby bottle, what do You drink?
  11. And WHO feeds You the bottle?
  12. Are You breastfed?
  13. Do You eat baby food?
  14. If SO,are You fed?
  15. Do You play with Toys?
  16. Do You know Math?
  17. Can You Read?
  18. What type of clothing do You Wear?
  19. WHO dresses You?
  20. Do You have plushies?
  21. Do You Watch childrens tv-shows?
  22. Where do You sit in the car?
  23. Have You ever bought baby items for yourself?
  24. In Your heart, do You Think You are:...?
  25. Do You ever wish You werd a real baby?
  26. What Age would You like To Be?

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Quiz topic: Am I a baby?