What will You be when you grow up

Do you know what you will be when you are grown? Do you want to know? I am sure you do!Come click on this quiz to find out! It will give you ALL the information you need!

DO you like music? Do you like kids? Do you know how to act? Do you swim. Do you like to help out people with there problems???????? Yo will know RIGHT HERE!!!!

Created by: buttercup10
  1. Do you love to swim?
  2. do you like kids?
  3. witch is more importent...
  4. Do you know how to act?
  5. Do you love to help others?
  6. Are you stuck up?
  7. Are you bored?
  8. I ran out of questions...
  10. Do you like pie?
  11. fjdkfjaskdfjskadl
  12. jjjjjjjj

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Quiz topic: What will I be when you grow up