What Kind Of Grown-Up Will You Be?

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People wonder what they are going to be like when they get older and become grown-ups. Will they be those old grumpy people who sit around all day or will they make a family or will they spend their time in restaurants and parks?

What will YOU be when you grow up. Which of these wonderful characters will I predict you will become. Family, single, pleasure-seeking, or the wisest?

Created by: Fire_Fairy

  1. In your classroom, you are the.....
  2. Are you happy most of the time?
  3. Are you 'pretty'/'handsome'?
  4. As an adult, would you stay single?
  5. Would you still love amusement parks, water parks, etc.?
  6. Would you find a husband/wife and settle with a family?
  7. Would you expect people to go to you for answers?
  8. ______ is (are) the key to success.
  9. Do you seek intelligence or fun?
  10. Do you prefer groups or staying alone?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Grown-Up will I Be?