Think you know the movie grown ups?

Many people have seen the movie Grown Ups,right?Well,lets see how much attention you payed to the details,colors,names and all!DO good and sorry if you dont know the answers!

Gron Ups was a new movie about a bunch of friends that have known each other from elementary school,now they go to a lake house for the holiday,and see everyone's kids,and wives.

Created by: Jay
  1. Who is 'Holly Wood' played by?
  2. What was wrong with the dog?
  3. What color were the Tshirts they got from the water park?
  4. What was the dogs name?
  5. What was 'Holly Wood's real name in the movie?
  6. What did Holly Wood say when an arrow went through Rob's foot?
  7. What did the people go to the lake house for?
  8. Who was the one single person in the movie?(the actors name)
  9. What were 2 of Rob's daughter's names?
  10. What was Holly Wood's wife's excuse for staying at the lake house?

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