Warrior Cats: Small details quiz.

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This quiz is about all the small details in the Warriors books. Don't worry if you get some of them wrong, because it is easy to miss the details sometimes.

Test your knowledge! This quiz has really hard questions to make you think. Only a true Warriors fan who has read the books and payed attention will get 100%! (Or a cheat who looked up all the answers...)

Created by: xXCopperstarXx

  1. What are the names of the two hostile kittypets who live near ShadowClan's territory at the lake?
  2. What is the name of Jayfeather's sister when he lives with the Ancients in ''Long Shadows''?
  3. What is the name of the cat who dies in "Into the Wild" in the same battle as Lionheart?
  4. In the field guide "Enter the Clans," what is the insect that Sandpaw (Sandstorm) tries to show to Firepaw (Firestar) when Whitestorm teaches border tactics?
  5. What was the rule that the Clans set in Twilight about passing through each others' territories?
  6. Who was Reedwhisker's apprentice in Sunset? (Choose their warrior name.)
  7. Ok. Now an easier question. In "Dark River", what was the name of the queen whose kits ran away into the tunnels?
  8. Who were the RiverClan cats who trained in the Dark Forest in "Omen of the Stars"?
  9. In "Outcast", who was the to-be in the Tribe of Rushing Water who was a black tom?
  10. Ok. Last question. I hope you liked my quiz! What was Smokepaw's warrior name?Hint: He was a ShadowClan apprentice.

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