How well do you know Warriors?

In a deserted clearing, an old grey she-cat sat alone, staring up at the clear night sky. All around her in the shadows, she could hear the breathing and stirrings of sleeping cats. A small tortoiseshell she-cat emerged from a dark corner, her pawsteps quick and soundless... -Warriors: Into The Wild

That excerpt above was part of the prologue of Into The Wild, the book that began the Warriors series. Many love the books, many have warrior names and enjoy Warrior roleplay...

Created by: amazon
  1. Who is Barley?
  2. Who are the three cats who hold the power of the stars in their paws?
  3. Which Clan is only mentioned in Super Editions?
  4. Which piece of information on Mothwing is not true?
  5. Who was Featherwhisker?
  6. Bluestar and Oakheart's kits were named...
  7. Crowfeather loved which she-cats?
  8. Who was Jayfeather in his past life?
  9. Who was Cinderheart in her past life?
  10. What is Firestar's origin?
  11. How many kits does Ferncloud have?
  12. Who were Firestar's half-siblings?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Warriors?