Which is ur warrior clan?

Well, come explore, and this quiz will truthfully tell you your Clan. Your true clan, not just the one it says. You acutaly get to take a quiz to figure out yourself!

Warriors just rule! Are half-clan cats good? Yes! I'm named after one! Hollyleaf is the best of all! Guess what?! My brothers name is Oakheart! And my two sisters are Rosetail (Rosie) and Fireheart (Fennie)

Created by: Hollyleaf

  1. Hunting day or night?
  2. What's ur prey?
  3. Your favorite cat is.....
  4. You want to be in...
  5. Do you like my real name?
  6. Dose Hollyleaf rock?
  7. So, if I were a warrior would my brother be Lionblaze? (no offense Jayfeather)
  8. Why did you take this quiz?
  9. Which series do you like better?
  10. Which is best?
  11. Has Spottedleaf or Oakheart ever called YOU?
  12. Hollyleaf? Skip this question if you don't like me.

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