What Warriors clan do you belong to? Find out here!

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This is a quiz to tell you what Warrior cats clan you belong in, please be sure to be truthful in all of your answers! The only results are Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Riverclan, Windclan and Kittypet. Thank you so so so much for coming here!

I might make another quiz to see what rank you are in a clan, be sure to check that out if you see it! Thanks again for doing this quiz it really means a lot to me!

Created by: CyborgDragon

  1. What is it you look for in a mate
  2. You see a clan mate cross the border, you...
  3. You find yourself at a clan meeting. You..
  4. You are fighting against an unknown, powerful enemy. You...
  5. Your favorite leader?
  6. Would you ever kill your Deputy/Leader for power?
  7. Your best friend was just murdered! What do you do?
  8. What Clan is your favorite?
  9. Two cats are dying, your best friend and your litter mate. WHICH ONE DO YOU SAVE!?
  10. What would tour Kittypet name be?

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Quiz topic: What Warriors clan do I belong to? Find out here!