which warrior cat clan are you in?

so you are wondering "which clan could I survive in?" most warrior cat fans are. Riverclan, eating fish? Shadowclan, eating frogs? who can guess? I have no idea.

are you part of Thunderclan? or Riverclan, Windclan or Shadowclan? will you stalk birds, catch fish, chase rabbits, or catch frogs? in a few minutes, you will find out.

Created by: maren
  1. what is your favorite color?
  2. what is your favorite animal
  3. how you doin'?
  4. have you ever made a quiz?
  5. what is your look as a cat?
  6. what is your personality as a cat?
  7. you can choose a cat. which one?
  8. do you like goldfish? the cracker kind? random question.
  9. what letter does your name start with?
  10. hi there!

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Quiz topic: Which warrior cat clan am I in?