Which Warrior Cats Clan are you?

Find out which Clan you are in by taking this quiz and answering 10 questions to see which Clan you are in. Will you get ThunderClan? RiverClan? WindClan? ShadowClan? SkyClan? I hope you'll enjoy this quiz and be happy for what clan this quiz choses for you!

I am a big fan of warrior cats by Erin Hunter and have taken a lot of warrior quizzes and decided to make one of my own. If you are wondering which clan is my favorite, it is either ThunderClan or SkyClan.

Created by: Warriorcatsfan of Which warrior clan am I in
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  1. You are one moon away from being an apprentice and you really want to sneak out and hunt, but your mother says no.
  2. You're a warrior and you go on a hunting patrol and spot a beautiful pebble that would be perfect for your den, but you can't get distracted. What do you do?
  3. Your leader orders you to spy on ShadowClan territory. How good did you do?
  4. What traits do you look in for a mate?
  5. You see a random stray kitten. How do you react?
  6. You are at a gathering, and a cat makes fun of your Clan. What would you say back to them?
  7. What are you scared of?
  8. You are starving and you caught a mouse but you need to feed the Clan first. What do you do?
  9. You see a kittypet straying on your territory. What do you do?
  10. Final question! How would you describe yourself?

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Quiz topic: Which Warrior Cats Clan am I?