My Little Pony Quiz - Who Are You?

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My little pony is loved by so many people. Mainly the younger Audience but also older people love it as well. I made this quiz for my little sister because she loves it so much.

Wanna know what my little pony character you act like? Well take this quiz and find out. If you don't get the one you wanted I'm sorry. Please enjoy the quiz anyway and also no negative comments this quiz was meant for younger people and I don't want any negativity or rudeness towards this quiz. THANKS

Created by: Nox
  1. Pick a color
  2. Which sounds like your personality?
  3. What kind of job would you have?
  4. What would you represent?
  5. Where would you live?
  6. What Is your kind?
  7. Pick an animal
  8. What is your cutie mark?
  9. Which hair style do you like best?
  10. Which pony would you like to get?

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Quiz topic: My Little Pony Quiz - Who am I?