What Racial Group Do You Dislike The Most?

This test is not designed really to show you that you're racist..well, it might but if you don't see yourself that way, then this test for the most part will show you which group you have a specific dislike or a natural feeling of not having a connection with a certain racial group because of their diverse culture and way of life compared to yours.

Even if you are racist, then it'll show you which group you have the most dislike for. It might be something you grew up with, a personal past with that ethnic group, or you're just too proud of your country to have others try and mix in with your people.

Created by: mrduckbear

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  1. Which of the following ethnic groups would you generally NOT go out on a Date with?
  2. Which ethnic group do you not have many friends of?
  3. Have you ever used a racial slur against an ethnic group NOT of your own before whether directly or indirectly?
  4. Have you ever laughed or made fun of someone based on the following items they were wearing?
  5. Have you ever judged a certain ethnic as having a weapon or other dangerous ideas you think they are planning?
  6. Which of the following groups would you say is most likely to carry a gun/knife or any kind of weapon that can cause bodily harm?
  7. Has certain events like the Holocaust, Pearl Harbour, Somalia, the U.S/Mexico border issues or 9/11 changed your opinion of any ethnic group?
  8. IF you had to choose one group who WOULD BE A threat to you and your friends/family, who would you choose?
  9. Do you believe once an ethnic group immigrates to your country, should immediately learn/know your language? If so, which group do you think are not adhering to that?
  10. What of the following personality traits annoy you the most?
  11. Have you yourself ever been insulted or made fun of because of your ethnicity?
  12. Do you think people should live and believe in the faith your country majority wise believe in?
  13. Would you have a vendetta or some dislike for a certain ethnic group that attacks, insults or pushes you around if it was only that ethnic group picking on you?
  14. Do you think people should date others of their own race?
  15. Do you Absolutely HATE any of the following foods and would never eat again?
  16. If there was one group you think is over-crowding your country, who would it be?
  17. Do you believe there's one Race more superior than the other?
  18. Lastly, in your personal opinion, what ethnic group has the most attractive people?

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Quiz topic: What Racial Group do I Dislike The Most?