Master Chill's Shoutouts

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Created by: ICEE CHILL

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  1. Cmpunkie4567- You're awesome.
  2. CookieChan- *gives you a cookie*
  3. Geek- You're almost as MLG as me.
  4. Deeznuts101- You're a scrub.
  5. 1714- *gives you a cookie*
  6. Poppy girl- Make an official thread already so you don't have ta spam the forums gurrrl.
  7. Ghetto- *gives you a cookie*
  8. Le1F- dat grammer bro
  9. I am cool- You are cool.
  10. Fluffy- You're so fluffy. 83 *pets you*
  11. My memory sucks so that's it for now. Bye :P

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