Are you relaxed or not?

There are many relaxed people, but few true relaxed.Relaxed is, afterall, quite ok . What does it mean to be relaxed? To be relaxed it means you are chill not high per.

Are you relaxed? Do you chill pill to be relaxed? Cause you could be the next person to take the chill pill. So be the next relaxed person in the world.

Created by: Amaya

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are having a bad day?
  2. What is your emotion?
  3. If you are not having a bad day what would you do if you are having a good day?
  4. Do you normally have chill days?
  5. How do you stay mad?
  6. Do you like being mad at someone you do not like?
  7. Are you mad at someone?
  8. Do you get mad a lot?
  9. Are you all was happy?
  10. Can you stay sad a long time?

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Quiz topic: Am I relaxed or not?