Cavernclan Trivia!

Cavernclan. The underground clan full of fierce warriors, kind queens, playful kits, and energetic apprentices. They work hard to hunt, fight, and survive.

The question is, how much do you really know about Cavernclan? About the great members, notable battles, and loving families. Answer these questions to find out if you're the Cavernclan master.

Created by: ICEE CHILL
  1. Who was the first cat Lucky rped?
  2. Who is Cavernclan deputy?
  3. How many kits has Darksong had?
  4. Why is Blizzardkit half deaf?
  5. Blizzardkit and Ivypaw are descendants of...
  6. Name the two cats who blinded Storm.
  7. Which two cats made Nettlestar lose her first two lives?
  8. Who is Softcloud's apprentice?
  9. Sweetpaw's original name was what?
  10. What does Nettlestar look like?
  11. Please comment!

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