Horse-Lover's Trivia

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A lot of people like to call themselves horse lovers. But do you really know your stuff? Take this test and see how much equine trivia you can handle!

Read the instructions carefully, and take your time. At the end, you get to see your score. This is a fun quiz, but the questions are directly applicable to horse ownership and riding.

Created by: Masque
  1. Darn! You forgot your helmet in the tack room. You have to go around your horse to get to it. What do you do to make sure you don't get kicked?
  2. Your horse got a piece of glass lodged in his foot.When you pull it out, it's bleeding, and might be infected. Who do you call?
  3. Which three treats are suitable for a horse? Make sure ALL THREE are correct.
  4. What do horses shy (spook) at?
  5. You are on a trail ride with a friend. What do you need to take with you in your saddle bags?
  6. What is a suitable outfit to wear for riding?
  7. It's a lazy day, and man is it HOT! Your horse won't 'go' with just natural aids, and you're getting angry. what do you use?
  8. Your horse is misbehaving. It is clear you won't get any real work done. What do you do, and why?
  9. What is it called when a certain limb is in pain? (You see your horse throw his head up when he puts his weight on that leg)
  10. When looking for tack, which is generally better to buy, assuming you are on a budget?
  11. What is the most important piece of equestrian safety equiptment?
  12. The most important thing when buying a horse is:
  13. Your horse is looking a bit skinny, and his coat is dull. You suspect he is not eating enough. What do you give him?
  14. Which horse is bred for racing? (think Kentucky Derby)
  15. This ancient breed was developed in the deserts of the Middle East.

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