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Cavernclan: The group of wild cats living together underground. It started small, but soon grew into an enormous group of loyal warriors, powerful leaders, and much more...

So, think you know all about Cavernclan? Let's find out. This has for questions about the thread itself, the rpers in it, and the characters being rp'd. Good luck!

Created by: Chaiki

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  1. Where was the original Cavernclan thread created?
  2. Who were the first cats to be rp'd by Rave, Omegy, and Lucky? (In that order)
  3. What were the names of Whitefang and Sweetpelt's kits?
  4. The first two cats Firepaw becomes friends with (besides her sisters) are...
  5. Who is Wolfpaw's love interest?
  6. What is Nettlestar's relationship with the loners?
  7. What is the prophecy given to Young Nettlestar called?
  8. Which is the correct order of Cavernclan leaders? (According to the main rp and the origins one)
  9. Who is in Ivystar and Crowfrost's first litter?
  10. What is the name of the loner who found Crowfrost after she and Ivystar were attacked by Floodeye at the cliffs?
  11. Who helped Floodkit escape from the rogue camp?
  12. Which two cats left Sunclan to join Cavernclan after Dogstar took over the tunnels?
  13. What do deceased Cavernclan warriors do to pass time in Starclan?
  14. The first cat who died 'onscreen' was...
  15. Why is it ironic that Blizzardstorm became mates with Skyheart?
  16. Who is the reluctant adoptive mother of Dovekit and Ashkit?
  17. What nickname was given to Lucky based on the author of the Warriors books?
  18. Who were/are Sandstone's best friends?
  19. During the invasion on Sunclan, Blizzardstorm damages his (fill in the blank) while fighting Bearpaw.
  20. What is Ravenpaw's power?

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