The Ultimate Luck Quiz

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Hi! This quiz is totally random. Dont expect anything, because anything could happen. Just stay excited, have fun, and don’t forget to answer wisely!

Also, you’ll be asked to answer all kinds of questions. So, like I said, choose wisely! And, a little reminder: This quiz is absolutely random and nothing else!

Created by: ShadowFigure3000
  1. Hi! Let’s start by picking a letter.
  2. Now, please pick a number.
  3. How about a girls name?
  4. And a boy name, too!
  5. Now, pick an emoji.
  6. Hard one: pick a symbol!
  7. Okay, choose a weapon
  8. Select an… instrument!
  9. How about a greek God?
  10. Now, choose from these… temperatures!
  11. Pick an object or a person
  12. Pick a date
  13. Select a group
  14. Pick a (oh boy, I am running out of ideas….) colour!
  15. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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