Which Lena are you?

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We all have a Lena in us. But which Lena are you? Are you left Lena-ing, or do you curve to the right? We can be your Lena for hire...or, you can find your very own Lena-nality.

Which Lena are you? Which Lena do you prefer? When life gives you lemons, you make Lena-ade. Drink it up. Be the Lena of the Lake. And always remember, nobody puts Lena in a corner.

Created by: Carroll Simmons

  1. On a typical Friday night, you are:
  2. Your OKCupid username is:
  3. Your go-to Empire Mayonnaise flavor is:
  4. When you FINALLY have time alone, you can be found:
  5. Your ideal man:
  6. If you created your major at Gallatin, it would be:
  7. When in a coked-out fantasy world, you find yourself wanting to:
  8. Your ultimate comfort food is:
  9. In the editing room, you have to pick a scene to jump-cut to. You go with:
  10. Lamby got taken away (after he bit Jack, again). What kind of dog do you get to name Lamby II?

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Quiz topic: Which Lena am I?