What Empire are you?

What is empire? Is empire a loose word used to fit any large regime, or is it more than that? Is empire a title fitted for the brave colonial people of the north or for the ever expanding maritime traders of the south?

Which empire from history are you! If you take this quiz you'll find out! (Disclaimer, feeds on stereotypes, please do not get offended by any of this. It's all in good fun..)

Created by: SharkPawner115
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  1. Where is your favourite travel destination?
  2. You win the lottery and..
  3. There is a war and you..
  4. At school your favourite subjects were..
  5. Your friends are..
  6. You find money on the floor,
  7. Your favourite personality trait.
  8. Your empire has felt a recent population boom, you...
  9. One of your colonies/autonomous regions has expressed its intent to declare independence.
  10. There is a massive war going on..
  11. The industrial revolution comes along.
  12. People demand lower taxes.
  13. There is an economic crisis.
  14. People don't seem to like any of the policies you put forward.
  15. A foreign country has supported your revolutionary movement.
  16. The situation has really gotten out of hand. You are faced with a choice. Except reforms or declare war.
  17. You postponed your decision for to long. The country's around you have declared war and made an alliance.
  18. They plough on, they are digging deeper and deeper into your soil.
  19. Finally a ray of light has shone through. A distant ally across the sea has stated it will join you for a price. But if you don't decide soon the war will be lost.
  20. The war ended. Will you..?

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Quiz topic: What Empire am I?