What Star Wars Defense Should You Have?

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Have you ever wondered what would be your line of defense (or offense!) in the Star Wars Galaxy? Choose your answers wisely - this weapon is your life!

Knowing your defense is crucial - you can't just grab the nearest thing and expect to be profoundly good with it. Like anything, expertise comes with constant practice. Luckily you can start here!

Created by: Karani_Livini
  1. Alright, let's begin! First, given an testy circumstance for you particularly, how would you enhance your abilities?
  2. Next question! What would you do if you could save an entire planet filled with the most amazing people in the galaxy, and kill your significant other? or vice versa?
  3. Number Three! Pick a material...that you would have an endless supply of, and you would make your house out of.
  4. What type of Star Wars Character do you see yourself as?
  5. What do you see yourself fighting the most against in the Star Wars realm?
  6. Which Character is your secret Star Wars Crush?
  7. Who do you think most reflects you?
  8. Which of these answers do you gravitate to first?
  9. Do you speak/know any other language besides your first language? Including alphabets like Morse Code?
  10. Now finally! Which one do you hope you get for your final Star Wars Defense?

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