What Star Wars Planet Do You Come From?

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Have you ever wondered what Star Wars planet you r most likely to come from. Do you want to know. This quiz is sure to tell you. Their is Nine well known Star Wars planets to choose from. Come and try it.

This is a great quiz. An AWESOME quiz. It's actually quite fun doing quizzes like this. How do I know, Well I do them all the time. So are you going to do it.

Created by: Thomas Collingwood
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  1. You find yourself on Dagobah (A swamp planet) and need to find food. What would you eat.
  2. You are in a fight with a storm trooper. How will you stop it.
  3. You decide to move planets. Where would you go.
  4. What weapon would you use?
  5. What is your favourite animal?
  6. What Continent do you live in?
  7. What is your favourite Star Wars movie?
  8. You meet Han Solo. What do you do.
  9. You Come across the Imperial Star Destroyer. What Do You Do?
  10. You Crash onto An Unknown Planet. What Do You Do?

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Quiz topic: What Star Wars Planet do I Come From?