What Star Wars Planet Do You Belong On?

Do you belong on Coruscant? Or is a wasteland like Hoth or Tatooine the place for you? Are you a Mandalorian? Do you live on Dagobah???

Are you a Jedi on Coruscant or a Separatist on Mustafar or a Sith on Exegol? There is a character minimum that I am trying to meet right now. Ugh. It is annoying.

Created by: no name please
  1. What climate is your favorite?
  2. What job do you want?
  3. Who is your favorite female character out of these?
  4. Who is your favorite male character out of these?
  5. Who is your favorite Clone Wars character out of these?
  6. Do you have Disney+?
  7. Are you up-to-date on the Mandalorian?
  8. Which of these are you most excited for?
  9. Pick the best movie out of these:
  10. Did you like the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special?

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Quiz topic: What Star Wars Planet do I Belong On?