Which Star Wars trilogy do you belong in?

Ever wondered which trilogy of Star Wars you belong in? Nows Your chance to find out!

Created by: Dude

  1. Who is your arch enemy?
  2. If you were a bad guy, who would be your arch enemy?
  3. What do you hate the most?
  4. What would you rather be?
  5. What is the Empires ultimate weapon?
  6. On what planet/space-station did Obi One and Anakin duel?
  7. What color light-saber did Anakin have while dueling Count Dooku in a hangar on Geonosis during the first conflict of the Clone Wars?
  8. Who is Anakin's father?
  9. You see two Jedi chasing a bounty hunter in a hover craft. The bounty hunters name is Zam and if female. She works for Jango Fett. Name one of the Jedi who is chasing her.
  10. Name 1 of the prisoners who was about to be eaten by beasts on Geonosis just before the first conflict of the Clone Wars began.
  11. When Order 66 is commenced, what do the Clone Troopers do?

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Quiz topic: Which Star Wars trilogy do I belong in?