Are you going through puberty? (GIRLS ONLY PLEASE!)

Hi girls! Wanna know if you're going through puberty? Then you clicked on the right quiz! I once took this 12 question "are you in puberty" quiz by Lalalulu. It was short and boring and the comments said things like that!

But, my quiz has 17 questions! It definitely must be miles better than Lalalulu's one! I really hope you will get a good result and that you will like this quiz! Have fun and enjoy!

Created by: Natalya

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have acne?
  2. Please select the height which is closest to yours. (If you are not sure, click "Not sure")
  3. Do you wear a bra, crop top, or training bra?
  4. How many baby teeth have you lost?
  5. Do you change emotions quickly?
  6. What's your shoe size?
  7. Are you sure you're a girl and not a boy in disguise? If you're a boy, you'd better leave!
  8. Are you on your period yet?
  9. What's your bra size?
  10. When do you use deodorant?
  11. Do your breasts, limbs, legs etc. hurt slightly or feel as if someone was stretching the bones, making your skin itch sometimes?
  12. When do you go to the doctor?
  13. Did you notice a change in your voice and/or behaviour since when you were little?
  14. That's it, guys! I mean, girls!
  15. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Am I going through puberty? (GIRLS ONLY PLEASE!)