How To Be Cool B)

I will tell you how to be cool.

Follow along with what I say and you can be cool, too.

Created by: ICEE CHILL

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  1. Get some shades. Ya gotta have some shades dude.
  2. Show very little emotion. You're too cool for that kind of s---. And obsessing over MLP's for nerds. Just use some smexy body language. Ya know, with yer hot bod and s---.
  3. Also, you gotta dress like you own that $WAG. Just get a nice baggy hoodie and jeans and combine it with your epic shades and dollar sign necklace.
  4. Alright now just picture yourself wiith that epic outfit in a ferari with the windows rolled down with 98WJLB blasting out of your speakers. No one can pass by you and tell you you're not cool.
  5. You gotta have a best bro. No, not your brother, a best furry bro. Your dog bro. He'll never let you down and he'll always have your back. Not just yer bro, but your bestest f---ing friend ever. :,3 Maybe even try to put shades on him and see how long they stay on. And imagine walkin with yer $WAG bro around the neighborhood. All the ladies will wanna get to know yer furry bro.
  6. Stop carin about s---. You're too cool to waste time with that. Everything's gonna go your way eventually anyway.
  7. Be a loner. Loners are pretty damn cool. It also makes more people interested in you cuz they're so desperate to get to know you better. Sometimes you barely have to say anything and they'll be askin for your phone number and twitter.
  8. You better love that rap music and Eminem people, cuz ya know he's pretty damn cool.
  9. Do some stupid things like draw on your school with chalk or spill water all over the halls, or write stupid stuff in the snow when it's winter. You surely won't go unnoticed from such an epic thing.
  10. Most importantly, just chill. You're too cool to waste your $WAG energy on anything besides having $WAG.

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