How cool are you to me?

Yo wuzzup home dog!Well,um.........You wanna be cool like me?Ha ha.Now to straight english.I have a fear of horror movies,and I think alone in the dark.Take this quiz right now if you please.

What are you waiting for?Go ahead and waste your time on reading this description,what ever.Pointless words are here,dude.Scroll down and take the stupid quiz already!Oh and comment please!

Created by: Blackrosewolf
  1. Which song will you choose?
  2. If you had to choose over,which video-game is you favorite RPG game?
  3. What's ur favorite game console?
  4. What would you do if your ankle was hurting and it was painful when you walk?(Won't affect crap)
  5. Favorite animal?
  6. Favorite sport?
  7. My favorite movie......Wait oh yeah!What is ur favorite movie?
  8. What is you favorite Yugi-Oh character? :D
  9. What is you favorite Youtube video?
  10. Last question hopefully.What is your favorite color combination?

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Quiz topic: How cool am I to me?