Which flavor cookie are you?

All kinds of people out there love to eat cookies. But, have you ever wondered what flavor cookie you are? Well, if you have, take this quiz so you can find out!

There are twelve questions on this quiz. Please make sure you rate and comment after you are done taking the quiz, thank you! I hope you get the result you were hoping for! (but there's only like four results)

Created by: ICEE CHILL
  1. Do you like chocolate?
  2. Do you tend to like stuff plain?
  3. Do you like M&M's?
  4. How sweet do you like your cookies?
  5. Do you like any kind of dried fruit in your cookies?
  6. How much do you like sugar?
  7. Why did you take this quiz?
  8. Sorry, I ran out of questions.
  9. Do you like nutella?
  10. Okay, now I'm out of questions.

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Quiz topic: Which flavor cookie am I?