The end of GTQ is near....

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Say ba bye to all your friends while you still can.

Created by: ICEE CHILL

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  1. As you may already know, GTQ is malfunctioning like crazy, and may be gone soon.
  2. So I thought I'd type about some chaos stuff that has happened on here.
  3. Let me just start by saying my sexy immature self seemed to wins the hearts of some of you, which I don't understand.
  4. I'm a freakin' weirdo.
  5. So I guess I'm just irresistible to you people without even trying.
  6. Either that or you guys just wanna get some of that romantic cyber action.
  7. Maybe that's why this place is filled with trolls. You know, besides GTQ Guy totally ditching this place.
  8. I bet more than half of you joined to have sexually explicit conversations.... on the internet. :P
  9. Speaking of strange explicit conversations, remember that swaggy ICEE LAND? Wow, it's been 2 years and a few months.... So many questionable memories...
  10. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I was queen of the dumbasses back then.
  11. So many trolls, so little time for normal conversations. Wouldn't you agree?
  12. This place is definitely... unique.
  13. I honestly don't know of any other ghetto forums on the internet. Just this one.... And it might be gone soon.
  14. So if you're wondering where everyone will go after GTQ's death, I think I know where..
  15. Nowhere! (Let's be honest here.... We're all better off with this place being dead.)
  16. Okay, maybe not nowhere. I recommend getting your friends' emails or some other way to contact them.
  17. And check out Geek's version of the 2.0 forums! Of course it's not finished yet, but it'll be great for everyone once it is.
  18. And if you ever wanna email me, here it is:
  19. Farewell, you lovely weirdos.

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