What Shall Happen To YOU After You Die?

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Death is the greatest mystery of life, and the only ones who know what happens after death are those who have died but I don't think they will be telling us their secrets don't you think?

Be warned, this quiz is not for the faint heart. Some quiz takers my find the questions slightly disturbing if not revolting. Viewer discretion is advised

Created by: Kish

  1. If you, and you alone, were chosen to be the Protector Of Humanity, will you be up for the Challenge?
  2. You are about to be murdered by a psycho serial killer, what will your final reactions be?
  3. Do you believe that people have Animal Spirits that guide them?
  4. If you were given the option that you must die so that another baby is born, or you must live so another baby dies, which would you pick?
  5. Do you believe in ghosts?
  6. If you were offered 1 million dollars to kill a homeless man, would you do it?
  7. Do you believe in Supernatural creatures such as Unicorns, Werewolves, Vampires, etc...
  8. If you were offered to be turned into a vampire, would you do it?
  9. Honestly, do you wish to be rich and famous? (like your favorite celebrities?)
  10. If you were told right now to go audition for a movie would you do it?
  11. Would you be proud to say that you are a Civil Servant?
  12. If you could work for the Secret Service or FBI or CIA but only as a messenger to and from other agencies would you still work?
  13. You have to kill your mother in order to get a rich hot husband (wife) would you do it?
  14. Your best friend's boy(girl)friend tells you that they really like you more and will break up with your best friend soon, what would you do?
  15. Would you look at yourself as a Time Manager or someone who just likes to wing it
  16. Do you believe in God?
  17. Would you consider yourself to be very lucky?
  18. Have you ever won a raffle or lottery? (or any other competition that involved randomly selecting the winner)
  19. Are you afraid of Death?
  20. Imagine you and a best friend are about to die and you are given a choice, you die a slow painful death and your friend dies a painless death or you die a quick and painless death and your friend dies a painful death

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