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  • And here we have the Messenger description.

    "It is said that Witches and Wizards around the world need a source from the other side to help them with their deeds and information, hence they will call upon you the Messenger. Your job will be to provide accurate information and help to all who call you, for a price of course, for they in turn will tell you their names. What will you do with a name you ask? Well it is said that those who know the full names of any Witch or Wizard can use their names to gain increasing power. Is it worth it?"

    Not sure what to think about this, and apparently if I choose to be a vampire, Curse gets bumped up to 100% as well. I'm certainly gonna have an... interesting afterlife...

    BTW , what happened with that "do you deserve a relationship" quiz you said you'd do?

  • 100% tie between Guardian Angel, Star, and Messenger of the Other World. Read the description for Angel from my own results, and Star from the comments. Might take the quiz again and play around with my answers, just to see what the description for Messenger is.

    And for those of you curious about what the description for Angel is...

    "Guardian Angels are important because they keep the Good on the right path and help the Bad become Good. Do you feel like you are incredibly lucky? Do you always seem to get these feelings that turn out to be true? That is a Guardian Angel's job and you will be doing that as well."

  • Oh, and here's the description for Curse.

    "Ever watch Ghost Rider? You will be cursed to walk the Earth, not as a Human or any living creature but a curse to another Human Being. We all know of the Werewolf curse, where you change to a demonic wolf-like creature during a full moon? Well you will be that curse, the demonic wolf or the cursed skeleton on fire whose duties is to kill the good. The curse will be lifted of course, but think of the painful years of the curse...."

  • What Shall Happen To YOU After You Die?
    Your Result: You Will Be A Star

    I don't mean Selena Gomez star or the stars you see at night. But you will be a Good Luck to one lucky Human. You know how there is that person that always seem to get what they want or always happens to them what they want to happen? Well this is all possible because of the Star (you). But unlike a Guardian Angel who does things for everyone's good, you do good for only person regardless whether it hurts other people or not....

    You Will Be A Curse 50%
    You Will Be A Restless Spirit 50%
    You Will Be A Messenger Of The Other World 50%
    You Will Be A Fallen Angel 50%
    You Will Be Time 50%
    You Will Be Lady Luck 50%
    You Will Be Death Himself 25%
    You Will Be A Guardian Angel 25%

  • I also have gotten a tie. I've gotten 83% A Guardian Angel, 83% A Star, and 83% Time. Wow, is that amazing to get all three at the same time with the same score? That would be awesome if I could be all three.

  • okay, here's my result : 83%
    Guardian Angel
    A Messenger Of The Other World
    Time 55%
    R eborn
    A Star
    Death Himself 28%
    A Restless Spirit
    Lady Luck
    A Fallen Angel 0%
    A Curse.
    holy.... idk..!
    Awesome quiz! :D

  • I am not sure what happened but this quiz didn't make it to the "New Quizzes" list so it won't be taken by a lot of people :(

  • Lady Luck and Guardian Angel tied at 83%. I guess I'm both.

  • Amazing quiz! I got time, and it sort of made me think, if you know what I mean.

  • I got a tie between Time and Death :o :o

  • i will be 100% curse and 100% guardian angel well pick one i pick guardian angel^.^

  • I got 100%
    Thanks @Kish your quizes are awesome


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