How much do you REALLY hate school?

Created by: ICEE CHILL

  1. Have you ever skipped school just to get away from it? (not just for the sake of skipping or going to see a movie)
  2. Do you constantly feel overwhelmed by school?
  3. Have you ever thought about killing yourself just so you don't have to go?
  4. Do you ever miss going to school while you're on break?
  5. Do you like to get suspended on purpose?
  6. How about getting expelled on purpose?
  7. Does school make you feel depressed?
  8. Do you like to vandalize stuff at school?
  9. Have you ever acted like an ass to a teacher so much that they called the security? :P
  10. Do you think you're a true school hater?

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Quiz topic: How much do I REALLY hate school?