Creepypasta- Petz: Dead Dogz

Created by: ICEE CHILL
  1. I just got home from Game Stop, excited to play Petz, the new game I bought. Without any delay, I quickly took the game out of the case and put it in my DS. Unfortunately, there was only one breed to choose. The chocolate lab. At the naming screen, I named her Brownie.
  2. I was eager to train my dog using the agility course and play catch with her. When Brownie came home, she was not in the usual spot dogs are usually in when you first enter your house. She was nowhere to be seen. Until the game started to idol, the camera going to an area in my house where apparently Brownie was. She wouldn't look me in the eye, she was actually just looking down at the floor. I was a little surprised by this, but I figured that she's probably nervous about her new home. She then layed on the ground, on her side, and I could finally see her...... face? She looked..... lifeless! Her eyes were completely white, with no pupils. She looked right at me then, and growled, showing her sharp fangs. I was creeped out now. "This is not supposed to be part of the game." I thought to myself.
  3. Then, her expression quickly changed to a hopeless, depressed look. She was whimpering. Finally, a thinking cloud popped up from her. Inside of it was a skull, with crossbones underneath it. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
  4. A text box popped up, and all it said was yes or no. I chose no, but nothing happened. My only other choice was yes. As much as I wanted to turn off the game, I was also curious to see what would happen. Right after I pressed A on yes, Brownie lunged right at me. The screen flickered a few times, then cut to black. I waited what seemed like five minutes waiting. Finally, it was showing something on the screen. The music sounded so demonic and souded like it was music being played backwards. I was stunned, not able to move for a few seconds. My house was on fire! The walls and some of the broken chairs were smeared with blood. I looked through a window and noticed the sky was red, with jet black clouds. It looked like there were several dogs right outside my window. Some had missing legs, eyes, ears, it was horrible. It seemed like they were all trying to get in my house! My dog, Brownie, was standing in some of the fire, staring at me. She had an eye missing, and was completely unharmed by the fire! Very slowly, she walked over to me, holding a gun in her mouth.
  5. She was giving me the gun, right when a text box appeared, saying "PLEASE KILL ME." I just sat there, looking at Brownie.
  6. I sat there long enough to see the zombie dogs break the door wall window. Another text box popped up, saying "HURRY." Without pressing anything, the trigger was pulled and shot her in the head. I watched in horror as her lifeless body fell on the ground, turning into ash.
  7. The screen flickered red and black a few times, then eventually cut to black. Words appeared: "WHY? WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?" The DS then shut itself off. I immediately took the game out and went to return it to the store, but Game Stop was nowhere in sight. I asked someone where a Game Stop was around here, but they told me there hasn't been a Game Stop in that store plaza for a 6 years...
  8. Well, that's it! Please rate and comment on this creepypasta! It's my second one, and I would like to hear what you thought of it! Thanks! =)

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