Review- Sonic '06

Created by: ICEE CHILL

  1. Well, this is my first time reviewing a game, so I apologize in advance if I suck at this.
  2. Let me be one of the first people to say that I actually thoughht this was a great game. I actually didn't find out how hated this game was until later (but then again, I got the game 6 years after its release). Several power ups which were accessed by different colored gems were originally going to be a main part of the game, but the idea was dropped due to time constraints. Despite this, the gems can still be obtain by hacking. Some of these power ups included super speed, shrinking (for some reason?), and transforming into Super Sonic. Also, if you look in the game's manual, it will have descriptions about Tails' and Omega's nonexistent tfly meter.
  3. There is also supposedly a glitch that will allow the player to fly infinitely (I've never experienced this so I wouldn't really know.....). Alright, if I knew about everything SEGA originally planned for the game before I actually played it, would I still have liked it as much? Maybe just slightly less. But I think it turned out great for a rushed game. I haven't experienced any of the glitches in the game, and I love how they recycled level ideas from previous Sonic games. Some say it was due to the fact that SEGA was running out of ideas, but it appears to be more for nostalgic purposes.
  4. And as for the controls, I don't understand why people thought they were so bad, though Sonic and Shadow seemed to move a bit slow for hedgehogs who can run at the damn speed of sound. It has also been said that Silver's telekinesis powers are useless, but I'm actually pretty good at throwing stuff with it (BRAGGING RIGHTS) and have never experienced anything glitchy with them.
  5. AND MY F---ING GOD TAILS CAN YOU MOVE ANY SLOWER?! Poor Sonic's over there telling you to hurry up and close the gate before that killer whale gets through and meanwhile Tails is moving at a sloth's pace! Well either that or I'm just impatient. Another thing with Tails; You can just fly over everything and skip all those enemies. It's waaaay to easy. And don't even get me started on Tail's s---ty ring bomb.... thing? Yeah, his ring bomb thing.
  6. I don't really have anythinng to say about Knuckles, he has no real flaws, same with Rouge. The only problem I have with Omega is how slow he moves and his hovering ability. Sure, it's helpful, but it kinda sucks. Then there's Shadow. I find it easier to attack enemies with him than with Sonic and his rocket shoes sink into the ground whenever he skates for some reason.
  7. Also, THERE'S SO MANY FREAKIN EMBLEMS! I still haven't collected all them I cann't even find them they're just randomly hidden in the freakin game! But meh, don't bother collecting them, all it does is get you bragging rights. Besides, the nice and challenging levels are already award. Okay, maybe some of them are a bit too challenging. I guess you could consider this a bit of a rage game, but it's definitely worth your time to play it. Would I have loved to see what the game would be like if it wasn't rushed? Yes. I'm sure it would've been 1000 times better (Well duh cuz ya know it kinda wasn't finished). In my opinion they should've just made Sonic and the secret rings and Sonic and the black knight so there would be more time for Sonic '06. I really really love this game, but after hearing the story behind it all, it just makes me wonder why they wouldn't make it better. Rebuild it. Make it stronger. Oh, right. FREAKIN NINTENDO AND SONY.
  8. Well, that's about it for this 'review' (Uh I can't tell if it's a review or a rant or both because this is my first one).
  9. There's probably a lot more I could talk about but I beat the game 3 years ago so uh....... yeah.
  10. Also I'm sorta too lazy to keep typing (it's 2am over here).
  11. Well, good night (day?) people!

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